Paul Rogers

by Paul Rogers

Hello readers.

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers

I’ve been training and writing about lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and health and safety issues for over twenty-five years. With a background in occupational and environmental health, I am also a qualified personal trainer with experience in diet, nutrition, aerobic and resistance exercise and weight management in personal health and fitness.

I write a regular column for Weight Training and specialise in coaching people in lifestyles that optimise healthy living choices through nutrition, weight management and physical activity — at a level that’s achievable and scientifically proven.

I publish the Longevity Rules! lifestyle and wellness program. I have qualifications in workplace training, so the package is written within professional criteria for presentation and evaluation. The program is in the process of being evaluated for accreditation and continuing education points (CECs).

I worked for many years in occupational and environmental heath and safety, so I feel qualified to comment and advise on food and environmental safety issues with some experience and perspective as well.

I’ve been a track sprinter, a marathoner and triathlete, played baseball, hockey, cricket, tennis and golf — some more seriously than others. Recently I returned to serious masters sprinting — and a bronze medal at the Pan Pacific Games. I train with weights and on the road and track.

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